My Meat of Choice is Chicken Most of the Time

The sort of food I utilize more often is certainly that of chicken. While there are occasions in which I wish beef or pork, there are a number of reasons why most of the times I choose a chicken recipe. One of the causes is that chicken is very adaptable: the breast has a quite neutral flavor and can be seasoned and cooked in a lot of diverse ways.

Being Italian, I elect the chicken recipes with a lot of garlic and rosemary, but there are also some marvelous dishes in which the chicken blends with pepperoni or lemon or tomato and oregano. I also wish cooking it in small chunks with white wine and Mediterranean spices, like that of rosemary, garlic, sage and juniper berries.

I am also a fun of lot of the exotic recipes together with chicken. Specifically, I like some very usual Indian recipes, like chicken tikka masala and chicken tandoori, which are so different from the sort of taste we are utilized to here in Italy. Around ten years back, when I found Indian cooking, I tried to cook these dishes all by myself, but finding all the required spices here in Italy was quite troublesome. Now, even in the superb market, you can find quite amusing Indian sauces already constituting all the required spices: all you have to perform is adding up the small chunks of chicken: my sons are fond of it.

There is another cause why I recently consume quite a plenty of chicken: it constitutes lesser fat than the average beef or pork. Indeed I have some problem with my weight, my blood pressure and in general with the way my body deals with animal fats. The doctor said I have to decrease the animal fats intake and I found that using the chicken, which, skin apart, has little fat, can permit me eating meat more freely. In general, now that I eat mostly chicken (and fish and legumes) my health is going much better, and since I can prepare so many diverse dishes with chicken, I do not risk the dietary boredom, which is always a danger when the doctor says you have to lose some of pounds.

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